08 Jul 2017 Mireia || Site

Chad-Michael-Murray.Net for adoption with the whole content. If you wish to adopt this fansite, fill in an application form here and send us examples of your work/websites. Thank you.

24 Aug 2015 Mireia || Site

Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy Birthday Chad!

19 Aug 2015 Mireia || Site

Hello everyone! Our previous hosting (FSO) has closed, so we had to moved to another one. We’re now hosted by Flaunt Network, and our previous url is gone.

From now on, this site has a new domain: CHAD-MICHAEL-MURRAY.NET

31 Dec 2014 Mireia || Site

24 Aug 2014 Mireia || Site

Today is the Chad’s birthday and from here we want to wish you all the best on this day!


31 Dec 2013 Mireia || Site

27 Dec 2013 Mireia || Site

Hi, my name’s Mireia and I’m going to be the new owner of this fansite. I own sites like Monica RaymundJamie DornanTheo Rossi, Henry Cavill, and many more. In these days I’ll update the gallery, stay tuned!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

20 Aug 2013 Elaine || Site

Hey guys, in the middle of moving and getting ready for college so I’m having some issues with the Internet ATM. So sorry about this! Things will be back to normal later this week! 😀

14 Jun 2013 Elaine || Site

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’ll be posting another gallery update this weekend.

Starting next week I promise to update more frequently! 🙂

03 Jun 2013 Elaine || Site

Hey guys,

Welcome back to Chad-Michael-Murray.org! I’m Elaine, the new owner.

For those of you who visit the site on a regular basis, you probably already know that it’s been 3 years since the last update, so I have a lot to catch up on. (Gallery updates coming your way, haha)

The content is under construction btw, incase you’re wondering why the links are currently dead.

Stay tuned for news, images and more. 😀